Why choose us

  • 01

    A true source manufacturer with thirteen years of industry experience

  • 02

    All mechanical parts are processed independently, leading company in laser cleaning

  • 03

    Famous scientific research institutions and many colleges and universities work together to endow the equipment with excellent performance

  • 04

    Strictly controlled product quality supervision, buy comfortably, use with confidence

  • 05

    High production and sales volume for more than ten consecutive years, serving thousands of users

  • 06

    Dozens of processes are strictly controlled, and every piece of equipment is qualified to leave the factory

User service system

  • Perfect pre-sales service

    Analyze and understand the actual situation of customers, and make recommendations according to customer requirements.

  • Free test proofing

    We provide customers with free testing and proofing services, which can intuitively feel the cleaning effect.

  • Technical solution support

    According to the requirements of customers, make a complete set of solutions for customers.

  • Factory strict inspection

    Strict testing is carried out on each piece of equipment that leaves the factory to ensure customer satisfaction.

  • System-wide training courses

    Professional and technical personnel can train customers through on-site training, remote guidance, and email to ensure that operators master it.

  • A good after-sales service

    After receiving the user's repair call, the after-sales engineer will have a clear answer or arrive at the equipment site within 24 hours. If the fault is not eliminated, the maintenance personnel will not be evacuated.

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