Air Force Maintenance Laser Cleaning Solutions


  As a "green" cleaning process, laser cleaning will have a good application prospect in the maintenance of military equipment.

  The analysis and experimental results show that the complete cleaning of the equipment mold can be achieved without causing damage to the substrate when the laser parameters are properly selected.


  The mechanism of laser cleaning mold is as follows: the high temperature generated by the laser causes the instantaneous vaporization and combustion of the mold; the temperature of the substrate surface changes rapidly under the irradiation of the laser, resulting in thermal expansion deformation, and the rapid expansion of the air in the narrow space results in a huge gap between the internal and external gases. Differential pressure, removes mold, while laser pulses with very short action times, under the right parameters, will not harm metal substrates.

  What are the advantages compared with traditional cleaning methods? Compared with chemical cleaning, it does not require chemicals and has no pollution to the environment; compared with mechanical cleaning, it does not touch parts, does not generate stress, and does not affect the performance of parts; In comparison, laser cleaning can be carried out with a manipulator, and the operation is more flexible and efficient; and the power of the laser cleaning machine is only a few kilowatts, only a few kilowatts per hour, and the use cost is low.

  Research and experiments show that the application of laser cleaning technology to the maintenance of military equipment has broad prospects. The laser cleaning machine launched by Shengtong Intelligent Laser Equipment Group can be applied to various application scenarios of aerospace, and customers can choose suitable laser cleaning machine models according to different needs.

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