Marine and Army Maintenance Laser Cleaning Solutions


  Laser cleaning can be used not only to clean organic pollutants, but also to clean inorganic substances. Laser cleaning will be widely used in equipment cleaning and maintenance.


  In underground wells or tunnels with high humidity, suitable temperature and no sunlight, it is most suitable for mold growth. However, some large-scale equipment is in such an environment due to confidentiality reasons. The swallowing and reproduction of molds will reduce the strength of organic materials, damage the movable parts, and block the movable parts. The secretion of corrosive liquids also corrodes and oxidizes metals.

  In addition to the above-mentioned common hazards, the mycelium will also form a biological bridge, which will affect the good contact of the equipment connecting cables, make the plug cores that should be insulated from each other conduct, and affect the normal testing of insulation resistance and the safety and reliability of use. , affecting the normal operation of the equipment, which in turn affects the normal military training process and effect. In combat, it will cause important equipment not to be launched on time or unable to launch and delay the fighter.

  It can be seen that the growth of mold is very harmful to military equipment and must be removed regularly. However, the commonly used methods such as mechanical cleaning and chemical cleaning are labor-intensive, cannot penetrate into the gaps of the equipment, have poor cleaning effect, and cannot complete the cleaning task, which has become one of the difficult problems for operators. Laser cleaning can be automated. Because of its maintenance-free, easy installation, no consumables, auto-focusing and surface cleaning, the cleaning surface is clean, and it can remove resin, oil, stains, dirt, embroidery, and coating on the surface of objects. , coating, paint.

  The above is the cleaning application of laser cleaning machine in naval and army maintenance. Laser cleaning technology is a new generation of cleaning technology, with high efficiency, low cost, easy operation, no pollution, and no damage to the substrate. After years of joint research and development and production of laser cleaning machines by scientific research universities, Shengtong Intelligent Laser Equipment Group, the current laser cleaning machine equipment power ranges from 50 watts to thousands of kilowatts. Different powers will have different effects on different workpieces. The cleaning effect is better.

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