Marine Laser Cleaning Solutions


  The rise of the world's great powers all start from shipbuilding and go through the ocean. As an important symbol of a country's industrial level, the shipbuilding industry, as the "crown of comprehensive industries", has a high degree of industrial expansion and strong industrial drive. Since the first half of this year, the shortage of global shipping capacity has led to a rise in shipping prices, and the growth in shipping demand has led to an increase in international orders for new ships, giving birth to a "prosperous scene not seen in ten years" in the global shipbuilding industry. China's shipbuilding industry has risen against the trend. The shipbuilding and repairing and shipping industries are basically good.

  In ship building and repair, there are a large number of cleaning links, mainly including steel plate pretreatment (before welding and after welding) and segmental pretreatment (before painting) of new ships, as well as rust removal and overall removal in the maintenance of old ships. Paint and secondary paint maintenance.

  Among them, the commonly used derusting methods for ships include manual derusting, mechanical derusting and chemical derusting. Laser cleaning and rust removal will be developed and applied as a new technology.


  1. Manual rust removal

  The tools for manual rust removal include hammers, shovels, steel knives, wire brushes, etc. Generally, thick rust spots are knocked loose with a hammer and then removed with a shovel. High labor intensity and low rust removal efficiency.

  2. Mechanical rust removal

  (1) Small pneumatic or electric rust removal; (2) Shot peening (sand) rust removal;

  (3) Derusting by high pressure water abrasive; (4) Derusting by shot blasting.

  3. Chemical rust removal

  It is mainly a rust removal method that uses the chemical reaction between acid and metal oxides to remove the rust on the metal surface, that is, the so-called pickling and rust removal, which can only be operated in the workshop. Chemical rust removal has high risk, serious environmental pollution, and is restricted for use.

  4. Laser rust removal

  Laser rust removal is a new green, environmentally friendly, efficient and safe new technology, which will soon replace the above processes and be widely used. Especially in paint stripping, oil removal, edge cleaning and rust removal, and oxide layer removal, laser cleaning will play an irreplaceable role.

  Laser cleaning technology has many advantages such as no damage to the substrate, precise control, energy saving and environmental protection, and can fully meet the rust removal of all steel profiles and the pretreatment needs before and after welding. In terms of ship maintenance, laser cleaning, as a "high-precision" cleaning technology, is suitable for the peeling of rust and paint on the surfaces of cabins, ballast tanks, fuel tanks, etc., as well as the cleaning of carbon deposits such as marine diesel engine cylinder valves It does not damage the substrate, and can deal with small gaps without any obstacles to accurately remove scale, with high cleaning quality, energy saving and environmental protection.

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