Is the rust removal efficiency of the laser rust remover high?

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  Rusting is a chemical reaction that is essentially the oxidation of metals. The most common rust phenomenon is that iron products have been exposed to the air for a long time and have an oxidation reaction with oxygen, or are eroded by oxygen in water to become oxides.

  Laser rust removal equipment can quickly remove rust on metal surfaces. Laser rust removal is a new and environmentally friendly rust removal method with no grinding and non-contact. At the same time, it can solve problems that cannot be solved by traditional rust removal methods. It is considered that is the most reliable and effective solution.


  Now there are more and more laser cleaning equipment manufacturers on the market, and the power of the equipment is also uneven. Each manufacturer's price positioning is different. After all, the configuration of each laser cleaning machine is different, but the price is not the same. There will be too much difference, basically ranging from tens of thousands to hundreds of thousands. If the price of the same laser cleaning machine with the same power is too different, then you should pay attention to it. The configuration inside is different or it is a refurbished equipment sold. . The power of Shanghai Shengtong laser cleaning machine ranges from 50 watts to thousands of kilowatts, and the price also ranges from tens of thousands to hundreds of thousands. We will have a professional person in charge according to the actual situation of the customer's workpiece, on-site work conditions, efficiency, etc. Consider the problem comprehensively, recommend suitable equipment to users, and offer specific quotations, so there is no need to worry about the problem that the efficiency cannot be achieved.

  For example, low-power equipment can deal with rust on the surface of some workpieces, surface cleaning, etc., because the power is relatively small and the range that can be treated is limited, medium-power equipment is more suitable for processing some workpieces. The rust layer is not very serious. Power equipment is more suitable for dealing with some more difficult rust.

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