Service PolicyWhat service policy does Shengtong Intelligent Laser provide to customers?

  • Pre-sale service

    1) Provide professional consultation: provide customers with information consultation on products, prices, technology, industry solutions, etc. at any time, and the consultation channels include Internet, telephone, letter, door-to-door and other channels;

    2) Provide sample service: make samples for customers free of charge and mail them;

    3) Provide inspection reception: Customers can make an appointment to visit the exhibition hall and visit the company for on-site inspection. The company provides professional reception staff.

  • In-sale service

    1) Integrity and fairness: No matter the size of the contract, new or old customers, or domestic and foreign customers, we will treat them with integrity and fairness;

    2) Guaranteed quality and quantity: Strictly implement the terms stipulated in the contract. For each piece of equipment ordered by customers, we will strictly abide by the product standards and conduct multiple quality inspections.

  • 售后服务 After-sales service

    1) Shengtong Intelligent Laser is responsible for free installation and commissioning of the equipment purchased by customers, as well as free training of technical personnel for users to ensure that users can master the operation methods of the equipment as soon as possible and put them into use as soon as possible;

    2) Shengtong Intelligent Laser provides one-year free warranty and lifetime maintenance for the products purchased by users. During the warranty period, if the equipment fails and the parts are damaged (except for human factors and force majeure factors), our company is responsible for free repairs, and the required replacement parts are provided by the company for free (except for consumables). If the warranty period is exceeded, the maintenance fee will only be charged at the cost price;

    3) From the date of purchase, users can enjoy free software upgrade service for life;

    4) The after-sales service response time is 8 hours. After receiving the user's repair call, the after-sales engineer will have a clear answer within 24 hours or arrive at the equipment site. If the fault is not eliminated, the maintenance personnel will not be evacuated;

    5) Shengtong Intelligent Laser will make regular return visits to all customers every year and provide technical support services at any time. Service Concept Satisfy customers and provide customers with superior products, superior quality and superior service.

shengtong Service attitude:
Shengtong Intelligent Laser Service Working Attitude:
  • Professional
    Professional teams provide professional services
  • Enthusiasm
    Treat every customer with enthusiasm from beginning to end
  • Fair
    Regardless of the size of the contract, regardless of the size of the contract, regardless of the old and new customers, regardless of domestic and foreign customers are treated fairly
  • Efficient
    High efficiency, respect every minute of customers
  • Strict
    Rigorous attitude and work style
  • Responsibility
    Responsible, putting customer needs first


Customer training

Customer training is an important part of the market service system. In addition to the full technical communication with customers in the early stage, Shengtong Intelligent Laser usually conducts complete technical training for customers when they accept them.

What kind of training does Shengtong Intelligent Laser provide to customers?

There are three training methods, customers can choose

1) On-site training    2) Remote coaching    3) Mail correspondence.

What content does Shengtong Intelligent Laser train for customers?

After the normal operation and acceptance of the equipment, our personnel are responsible for providing you with maintenance and operation training without personnel restrictions at the project site. The training purpose is to enable all operators to master:

1) Explain the main performance, structure and principle of the equipment;

2) Explain the knowledge and precautions of laser safety protection;

3)Training on and off sequence, routine maintenance and troubleshooting of simple faults;

4) Replacement methods and precautions for conventional optical components and wearing parts;

5) Training on the use of marking software and various related drawing software, as well as processing parameters and methods.

Our personnel take centralized training and one-to-one training according to the time of using your personnel to ensure that the users have the above-mentioned abilities.

Where is the training location?

Customers can choose their own training location

1) Customers come to the company for training;

2) Training engineers go to the customer's location for training.


  • Which materials can be used with a laser cleaner?

    Derusting the metal surface;

    Surface paint stripping treatment;

    Surface coating, coating removal;

    Cleaning of surface oil, stains and dirt;

    Welding/Spraying Pretreatment:

    Remove dust and attachments on the surface of the stone statue;

    Rubber mold residue cleaning.

  • How to quickly master and operate the laser cleaning machine?

    Read the instruction manual carefully and operate in strict accordance with the operating procedures to ensure equipment and personal safety.

    Listen carefully to what the technician is teaching.

  • How to give feedback when encountering problems?
    Any problems you encounter in the process of using Shengtong intelligent laser equipment, you can feedback to us at any time, we will have a professional team Hotline for you.
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