Automotive Manufacturing Laser Cleaning Solutions


  The automobile manufacturing industry is a very concentrated industry with new technologies. Today's automobiles are not only required to be practical, but also economical and beautiful. Updates are getting faster and faster. The traditional cleaning method has low efficiency and low precision, and it is difficult to meet the needs of fine cleaning and low-cost processing in the modern automobile manufacturing industry.

  During automobile manufacturing, drawing lubricants or cooling lubricants and anti-rust oils used can contaminate automobile components and severely degrade the quality of subsequent high-energy joining or bonding processes in which welds and bonds in powertrain components must be Strict quality standards are met, therefore, the joint surfaces must be thoroughly cleaned. Traditional cleaning methods are time-consuming, cannot be automated, and often have a detrimental impact on the environment. The fast, automated nature of laser cleaning allows for thorough cleaning of surface residues, resulting in strong, void- and micro-crack-free welds and bonds. In addition, laser cleaning is gentle and the process is significantly faster than other methods, advantages that have been recognized by the automotive industry.


  In the automotive industry, the old paint on the surface needs to be removed so that the new paint can be applied before the body is overhauled. There are many traditional car body paint cleaning methods, mainly mechanical and chemical methods, among which mechanical methods include high-pressure water jet paint removal, sandblasting and steel brush grinding, and chemical methods mainly refer to chemical reagents for paint removal. These methods have defects such as high cost, high energy consumption, easy pollution, and easy damage to the surface of the substrate, and have gradually failed to meet the modern high requirements for environmental protection of cleaning methods. In response to this situation, many new cleaning technologies have emerged, and laser cleaning, as one of the important means, has gradually shown its superiority. Selective removal, no substrate damage, and fast cleaning rates are key enabling factors for laser cleaning paints.

  Laser cleaning equipment can not only perform surface rust removal, paint removal, oxide removal, oil removal, etc. on various parts of the car (car hub, brake pads, hood, engine, etc.), but also has powerful functions. The one-time investment is high, but laser cleaning can be used stably for a long time, with low operating cost, low maintenance rate, and no other consumables. It can also save a certain amount of labor costs for enterprises, low operating costs, and more importantly, automated operations can be easily realized.

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