Battery Manufacturing Laser Cleaning Solutions


  At present, laser cleaning has become the main means of battery surface treatment, and is widely used in the three main power battery production processes of pole piece manufacturing, battery cell manufacturing and battery assembly. By using lasers, cleaning heads, control software, and computer integrated control, adding laser cleaning to the three processes can greatly improve the battery manufacturing process level.


  1. Laser cleaning before pole piece coating

  The positive and negative electrode sheets of lithium batteries are made of metal thin strips coated with lithium battery positive and negative electrode materials. When the metal thin strips are coated with electrode materials, the metal thin strips need to be cleaned. The metal thin strips are generally aluminum thin or The copper is thin, and the original wet ethanol cleaning is easy to cause damage to other parts of the lithium battery. Laser dry cleaning machine can effectively solve the above problems.

  2. Laser cleaning before battery welding

  Using pulsed laser radiation directly to decontaminate, the surface temperature rises and thermal expansion occurs, and the thermal expansion causes the contaminants or the substrate to vibrate, so that the contaminants can overcome the surface adsorption force and detach from the substrate surface to achieve the purpose of removing stains on the surface of the object. This method can effectively remove the dirt, dust, etc. on the end face of the battery pole, and prepare for the battery welding in advance, so as to reduce the defective products of welding.

  3. Laser cleaning during battery assembly

  In order to prevent safety accidents of lithium batteries, it is generally necessary to apply glue to the lithium battery cells to play an insulating role, prevent short circuits, protect circuits, and prevent scratches. Laser cleaning the insulating plate and end plate, cleaning the surface of the cell, roughening the surface of the cell, and improving the adhesion of the glue or glue, and no harmful pollutants will be generated after cleaning, which is an environmentally friendly green cleaning method.

  In addition to the above-mentioned examples, laser cleaning also has great alternative advantages in more than a dozen other technological processes such as battery cover electrophoretic paint removal and foil label cleaning. For many years, Shengtong Intelligent Laser Equipment Group has survived with high technology and high quality! It has developed with high service and high integrity! It is committed to providing professional technical support and a series of laser cleaning solutions and related supporting facilities for our customers.

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